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Pros and Cons of Rent Control in Chicago

Rent Control in Chicago has been resurfacing  due to the local election.  It is a sensitive topic for real estate professionals, however I see both arguments.  I think that the government should not control and restrain your power over your personal property.  I believe that ultimately the current market will the one in control.   [...]

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A Hidden Chicago Gem: Buena Park

BUENA PARK Tucked away in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, Buena Park is a remarkable neighborhood for those looking for an affordable home by the lake. Buena Park boasts a rich architectural history which includes the Hutchinson Street Historic District - a mansion-lined street that features exemplary Prairie-style architecture - [...]

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New Condo Development Coming to River North

Chicago Sun Times One Chicago Square "Two towers of Luxury high rises condominiums are expected to arrive in River North.  Chicago Plan Commission has already signed and approved the initial proposal, however there are still more approvals needed as there are various phases in the development. The two towers have [...]

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2017 Logan Square Market Update

LOGAN SQUARE with its gorgeous green boulevards and thriving restaurant scene has become the trendiest neighborhood in the city! This is a wonderful neighborhood for people looking to buy affordable homes in a hot area. Take a tour down Logan Square Boulevard to see historic Greystone buildings and beautiful 19th century architecture [...]

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